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Here is a brief introduction of silicone mold production process
Mar 27, 2018

Here is a brief introduction of silicone mold production process

The choice of open mode and the choice of die line are very important, one is for the convenience of taking the mold, the second is the mold line should not affect the overall effect of the product, the third is not affect product quality, such as Waterscape series of mold line position is too high, sealing mold line to the material, product cracking is easy to appear; four is to reduce the process of operation, such as open half mode.

In order to prevent the silicone flow around the mold with wooden side or plank fixed in a rule range, open the mold with wood and sludge separated from the first part of the requirements of the sludge and mold between the gap, oily sludge surface smooth. After the above work is ready, then apply Vaseline or spray on the plaster mold or mold, smooth product requirements with a clean cotton cloth stained with vaseline evenly coated in the mold plant, to maintain 30 minutes to fully absorb the mold of Vaseline, and then use a clean cotton cloth to clean the surface of the mold, requiring a bright surface , and the texture of the product as long as evenly coated with Vaseline on the formula will be prepared to the silicone. Silica gel deployment should be in accordance with irregular direction of mixing, so that the curing agent and silicone fully mixed evenly, as far as possible to reduce air into the glue, smooth products preferably in the first layer of glue when the vacuum, vacuum requirements -0.1mpa to maintain 7-8 seconds.

Silicone should be prepared in a timely manner, the glue will be used in the way of dripping in the mold of the highest position, so that its natural flow, not in place of the place with oil painting brush in place, if the sheet is not only full of silicone rubber products and also on the clay to brush evenly. Each product at least three layers of silica gel each layer of silica thickness of 1mm, in the process of brushing silicone, require each layer after curing to brush another layer, in the third layer of the brush to add a layer of gauze on top of the second layer to increase the strength of silica gel. Silicone part of the entire mold according to the size of the product of different requirements of the thickness of the 3-4mm, the width is not more than the product width of MM. The silica gel starts to solidify for 20 minutes.

1, the Master Mold Wash dry, for smooth treatment (can play a layer of demoulding wax or brushing a release agent) 2, 500-1000 grams of silicone rubber mold (mold silicone, mold glue, silicone rubber, silica gel) such as plastic basin standby; 3, the hardening agent by weight ratio (usually 1.5-2.5%) weighing after adding containers to mix, Fully stir evenly, 4, depending on the situation (especially the first layer) to add a certain amount of silica gel thinner. Until mixing evenly, generally 3-5 minutes. 5. Mold silicone Rubber (mold silicone, mold glue, silicone rubber, silica gel) and hardening agent after mixing, at room temperature that the reaction, and release of low molecular alcohol, in order to make alcohol molecules out of the colloid, it is necessary to soak in the negative pressure for 1-3 minutes. Also can not use the equipment (mainly depending on the experience of the mold Division) 6, Multilayer brushing die, should follow the internal, medium and external curing is appropriate. The dosage of curing agent is relatively small, the reaction time is lengthened, the reaction is full, colloid is good, so the dosage of curing agent is better than that of less. When brushing, wait for the first layer (inner layer) and then brush the second layer. The operation time is 30-50 minutes, the mode is 10-15 hours. The curing time is 24 hours. Note brushing the first to second layer after the best add such as mold cloth, which can greatly improve the life of the mold (but must not use glass fiber cloth, otherwise prone to layering and make the entire die) 7, three-dimensional perfusion mode, generally 10-15-hour curing as well. 8, the soft mold after the completion of the production of gypsum or FRP jacket to support soft silicone mold

Note: 1, die Line selection: Select the location that does not affect the appearance of the product, select the location that is easy to process after grouting, select the position where the mold itself is easy to disassemble, and choose the position where the product is not easy to deform 2, must not be driven by the production progress blindly increase the dosage of hardener, otherwise it will greatly reduce 

Mold silicone applications encountered in the common problems: 

1. Why the mold silicone will be less than the number of turns? In the process of making a mold to add too much silicone oil, silicone oil damage to the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold will appear the number of times less durable and so on. If the small pieces of product patterns more complex products, with a large hardness of silicone to open the mold, there will be less number of times the phenomenon, because the silicone perfect time will be very crisp, easy to break. Conversely, if you do build products and with small hardness of silicone to do the mold, the results will also be unsatisfactory. Because the silica gel is too soft, it's tensile and tearing strength will be reduced, the mold will be made out of deformation, so the number of turns will be reduced. The quality of the mold gum itself is very good, silica gel is not bad, only suitable and not suitable. We want to use the product hardness size of the silicone to make the mold will not be this situation. 2. For what mold silicone will appear burning mold phenomenon? Because unsaturated resin and resin products with peroxide curing agent, the resin reaction will produce a lot of heat, the general resin curing time of 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to release as soon as possible, to prevent silicone mold will not produce the phenomenon of burning mold. 3. Mold Silicone Injection mold and the production of piecewise die: slicing die or Sheet mode operation method: The vacuum of the silica gel to brushing or perfusion method for construction. If you are doing a chip or a piece of mold has to use brushing way, before brushing the product or model you want to copy the paint on a layer of release agent or isolation agent, then the silicone brushing on the product above (note: Be sure to brush evenly) wait 30 minutes, the surface will stick a layer of gauze or fiberglass cloth to increase strength, and then apply the second layer of silica gel , such as silica gel after drying, and then the external mold, the mold can be used gypsum or resin materials. Methods of operation of filling or perfusion moulds: injection mold or perfusion mold, is used for relatively smooth or simple products, that is, you want to reproduce the product or model, with a plastic plate or glass around, will be a vacuum of silica directly into the product above the silicone drying, to take out the product, Mold on the molding (note: The general use of the injection mold soft silicone to do the mold, so demoulding easier, will not damage the silicone mold inside the product), the above is the mold silicone use and operation of the whole process. 4. What mold silicone will appear in the table dry phenomenon? Mold Silica Gel is a condensation-type silica gel, it is by absorbing the moisture in the air and curing, silica gel in the process of making, the water dry, and did not adjust the amount of water, it will appear this phenomenon. Solution: This phenomenon is not a product quality problem, but because there is no control of water, enhance the storage period of silica gel, shelf life will appear some phenomenon, as long as the use of silica gel, add 0.05% water, stirring evenly can solve some of the situation. 5. What kind of mold silicone will appear tensile difference phenomenon? Because the customer in the process of making the mold, in order to reduce the viscosity of silicone, make silicone easy to operate and in the silica gel a large number of added silicone oil, this will make the silica gel becomes very soft, resulting in tension, tearing strength reduced, pull the phenomenon of poor, resulting in mold is not durable, short service life, less than the number of times to turn the mold. 6. For what mold will appear oil condition? The mold silica gel itself is not to take oil, the emergence of oil is due to the operation of the addition of composite silicone oil (silicone oil and white mineral oil complex), because the white mineral oil is petrochemical products, not silicone oil. 7. What mold will produce no acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging phenomenon? In the process of making silicone mold, we recommend that customers do not add any silicone oil, if necessary, the maximum amount of silicone oil should not exceed 5%~10%. Because the addition of silicone oil too much will destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold will produce no acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging phenomenon. 8. Why die Silicone mold will appear on the surface traces, stripes, not smooth phenomenon? This behavior occurs when the product or model being copied is not polished or polished. Because in fact the model or product itself is not smooth or perfect, so to reproduce the product or model if not polished or polished, and then the good silicone mold will not be beautiful, not smooth. There is also a situation, in the release agent, without brushing evenly will cause the mold is not smooth. 9. The wonderful use of silicone mold you know? Mold silicone is mainly used in toy gift industry, craft gift industry, furniture decoration and decoration industry, people copy, building decoration industry, resin crafts industry, unsaturated resin crafts industry, candle technology? Gift stationery industry, gypsum crafts gift industry, mold manufacturing industry?, simulation of animal and plant sculpture, Buddha carving crafts and other industries product reproduction and mold production. Mainly used in toys, gifts, fine patterns of products, for the package mold, perfusion mold products, glass technology, lighting, candles, copy of the production of molds, large products, open a fragmented mold, relief, Buddha, crafts gift production mold, sole model, perfusion mold, sand casting.

Silicone mold for a variety of different uses of the specific operation also vary, to achieve what requirements must be based on a variety of different parameters of the specific operation.

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