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New health and Environmental protection silicone product care Knowledge
Mar 27, 2018

Want to make silicone kitchenware for a longer period of time for their own services, then we have to do a good kitchen care, and want to do a good job of silicone kitchenware care, it should first understand some of the relevant knowledge of silica.

Silica gel, its main ingredient is silicon, is a kind of in the sand, stone, crystal natural ingredients. Silica gel has high strength of softness, corrosion resistance and temperature, can withstand high temperature. So the silica gel products at room temperature in the state of stability is extremely high, the real silicone products are non-toxic tasteless, in the normal use of people in the range of very healthy.

Although the silica gel has very good characteristics, but want to make silicone kitchenware better play a role for people to serve, then in the use of the process of doing a good job seems particularly important.

According to the characteristics of silicone, in the use of silicone kitchenware should pay attention to the following points:

When we just got the newly bought silicone kitchenware, we should wash the surface dust with water first, then boil sterilization with boiling water.

After each use of kitchen utensils, it is best to first silicone kitchen with diluted detergent solution bubble 10-20 minutes before cleaning.

If the use of the process requires high temperature, then remember not to use it immediately rinse with cold water, so as not to affect the service life of kitchenware.

When cleaning silicone kitchenware, use a soft sponge or cotton cloth to scrub, can not use coarse or hard utensils to wash. Because silica gel has a high strength of softness, if the use of rough or hard cleaner to scrub words will easily make silicone kitchenware damaged to affect the life of the kitchen utensils.

Wash the silicone kitchenware will be dry as soon as possible into the cupboard, because the silica gel itself will produce a slight electrostatic absorption and adsorption of dust particles in the air.

Silicone kitchenware should not be exposed to the air for a long time, if not used for a long time, it will be dried and then accepted for the next use.

As long as we can do kitchen cleaning and maintenance, silicone kitchenware can be used for a long time recycling, and its high temperature is not hot, no deformation and other characteristics of other traditional kitchenware can not be compared.

Silicone kitchenware, the emergence of a breakthrough in the traditional kitchen rust, fragile and other bottlenecks, for the advent of the new kitchen to provide the possibility, but also to make more family cooking life become more interesting, more exciting!

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