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Mar 27, 2018

Word interpretation

Chemical Type Xsio2 YH2O. Transparent or milky granular solids. With open porous structure, strong adsorption, can absorb a variety of substances. Dilute sulfuric acid (or hydrochloric acid) is added to the aqueous solution of water glass, then it becomes aqueous silicate gel and is solidified. Remove the electrolyte na+ and SO4 (cl-) ions dissolved in the water by washing and then get silica gel after drying. If absorbs moisture, some silica gel moisture content reaches about 40%, even 300%. For gas drying, gas absorption, liquid dehydration, color analysis, etc., also used as catalysts. If the addition of cobalt chloride, dry blue, after the water is red. Renewable reuse.

Security performance

Silica gel is the main ingredient, chemical property is stable, not burning. Silica gel is a amorphous silicon dioxide, should control the workshop dust content is not less than 10 mg/cu. m.

Silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity of human skin can produce dry, therefore, the operation should wear good overalls. If silicone into the eye, need a lot of water rinse, and as soon as possible to seek medical treatment.

Blue silicone due to contain a small amount of cobalt chloride, there is potential toxicity, should avoid and food contact and inhalation of the mouth, such as the occurrence of poisoning incidents should be immediately seek medical treatment.

Silica gel In the course of use due to adsorption of the medium of water vapor or other organic substances, the absorption capacity of the decline, can be reused after regeneration.

Security terminology: S22 do not breathe dust. Do not inhale dust.

Professional terminology

than the surface: refers to the surface area of each gram silica gel, including the internal micro-pore surface area and the sum of the surface areas. --Unit: square meter/gram

Porosity: The total volume of internal pores per gram of silica gel. --Unit: ml/g (ml/g)

Aperture: Refers to the silica gel internal micro-hole diameter. -Unit: Egypt (A 0) or nanometer (nm) 1NM=10A 0

Adsorption capacity: Silica gel in a certain relative humidity under the adsorption of water vapor saturation, at this time the amount of adsorption water vapor adsorption amount. --Unit:%

Stacking density: The ratio of the quality of silica gel to the volume of space it accumulates. --Unit: G/L (G/L)

ph Value: Silicone ph value refers to the treatment of certain conditions, containing a certain proportion of the ph value of the silicone glue solution.

Specific resistance: is an indicator of the purity of silica gel. The resistor itself is defined as the resistance of the solution at a distance of 1cm. The specific resistance of silica gel refers to the dissolution of water-soluble electrolyte in silica gel after certain conditions are treated, and the specific resistance of solution is determined by conductance. The higher the specific resistance, the lower the quality of the water-soluble electrolyte in the silica gel is reflected. --Unit: Ohm. CM (ω.cm)

Attrition rate: is a silica gel abrasion strength index. Refers to the loss of silicone wear under certain conditions. --Unit:%

Water not burst rate: refers to the water resistance of silica gel water resistance index. --Unit:%

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