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Silicone phone sleeve Processing production process
Mar 27, 2018

Silicone phone sleeve Processing production process

Today's silicone phone sets of styles but colorful, colorful patterns, very popular with young men and women, holding a silicone phone sleeve has a fashionable feeling, you know why the silicone phone sets why so many color patterns? Silicone phone sleeve processing of the production process is what? Silicone mobile phone Set professional manufacturer of the company to tell you about the next silicone phone sleeve processing production flow:

The first step: rubber Refining

including raw rubber mixing, color matching, the weight of the material calculation, etc.

Step Two: vulcanization molding

Adopt high pressure vulcanization equipment through high temperature vulcanization to make silicone raw material into solid state forming

Step Three: Trimming

From the mold out of the silicone sleeve products will be associated with some useless burrs, hole crumbs, need to be removed; At present, in the industry, this process is entirely done by hand, and some factories also use punch to complete.

Fourth Step: Grinding

Because the production environment is not a vacuum, silicone phone kits are inevitably contaminated with dust impurities, or the boot staff dirty some products, some are unable to clean off, at this time can only be polished to the polishing of mobile phone sets, as long as customers accept, fine grinding processing can reduce processing costs, reduce extravagance.

Fifth Step: Clean

Most of the silicone products to clean, dirty is compared to the processing process, due to the previous process is likely to dirty silicone phone sets. Air guns can be blown out first dust impurities, and then use dust-free cloth and days that water clean, to meet the customer's products.

Sixth step: Spray Feel oil

Most silicone phone kits need to spray feel oil, the completion of this process will let the silicone phone sets of product quality rise one level. Most ink manufacturers can provide environmentally friendly feel oil. A good phone to look at the design of a second look feel texture. Some use spraying room spraying, and some use ink pool immersion, methods and diverse.

Seventh Step: Bake

Spray feel oil after the mobile phone sleeve drying, through the high-temperature oven about 15 seconds of baking, you can move to the side of cooling packaging.

Through the above seven steps of preparation, a perfect silicone phone sleeve was born.

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