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Is Silicone Kitchenware Poisonous?
Mar 27, 2018

With the development of modern production technology, more and more silicone kitchenware into our view. Silicone kitchenware are brightly colored, easy to clean and soft and resistant to fall. But many people may not be reassured that silicone kitchenware is poisonous? Direct contact with high temperature food can have a safety hazard? Following the small series for you to reveal the answer.

Is silicone kitchenware poisonous?

The so-called pure silicone kitchenware is the whole product is made of silica gel materials. Silicone rubber Package is mainly package hardware, plastic silicone kitchenware package. Pure silica gel materials, using the advantages of the silicone material itself to play its characteristics of direct kitchen operations, silicone kitchenware package, but the use of silica gel materials to assist other tools to protect the indirect convenience of kitchen operations. In many countries in the West, silica gel products have infiltrated the people's lives in every corner.

Silicone kitchenware applicable temperature range-40-230 degrees Celsius, can be said to be very high-temperature. It can be used in microwave ovens and ovens. It is also easy to clean. Silica gel produced by the use of silicone products in the water rinse can be restored to clean, but also in the dishwasher cleaning. Because silicone raw material chemical performance is very stable, making products, more than other materials have a longer life, at the same time due to wide range of applicable temperature, so it can be said that silicone kitchenware is environmentally friendly non-toxic.

Silicone kitchenware Good?

Silicone kitchenware is not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and compared with other kitchen materials, silicone kitchenware with high temperature, easy to clean, more style color, long service life, and other advantages. At present, in foreign countries, many families have opted to use silicone kitchenware.

Common silicone Kitchenware

Common silicone Kitchenware: silicone scraper, silicone shovel, silicone egg-laying device, silicone spoon, silicone brush: The use of silicone stability, durability, plasticity characteristics, made of cooking gadgets, scraper, shovel can be used to make fruit salad, cream cake, silicone egg-laying device evenly stirred egg liquid, Silicone brush oil on the food, do not drop hair. Silicone bowl, silicone basin, silicone disk, silicone cup, silicone folding bowl, silicone lunch box: The use of soft silicone characteristics, not deformed, not broken, made of silicone bowls, pots, cups and other food, drinks, etc. is also an excellent choice.

Read the above introduction, you are still worried about silicone kitchenware good? Silicone kitchenware can not only ensure the safety and environmental protection, but also many advantages, if interested you can rest assured to buy and use.

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